All you need is to determine the parameters of the desired product. Please refer to the points below and find one or few corresponding to your goals and budget and we'll try our best to fullfil it. If any parameters of the product do not completely suit your needs – we will tailor it exclusively for you!
20-300K RUB
.Rent or production of fashion-art styles for the personnel of your exhibition/shop/ party/playroom/anything
170K RUB
Corporate style/graphic elements/ patterns/posters/
vinyl stickers for your car
200 - 250K RUB
Rent of existing art object.
The cost may vary depending on setup conditions,
timing and other nuances.
200K RUB
Curating of an exhibition or festival.
Event concept/scenario development
Event organising with our conceptual twist.
250K RUB
Any of our existing objects can be rented with minor changes if required, so it suits your goal perfectly.
  • Rebranding (+ 50K RUB)
  • Repositioning (+ 50K RUB)
  • Gamma correction (+ 50K RUB)
Fine tuning of an existing object
is cheaper than a development of a new one,
but a bit more pricey than a simple rent.
600K RUB
Within this price starts the possibility of exclusive development and production of vivid though technically limited art object or installation from scratch.


  • Up to 1 square meter
  • Static construction
  • Metal/plywood/pvc
  • No lights
  • No sound
  • Your exclusive branding
  • Logistics within Moscow
  • One of our staff support on site
  • Short durability
  • No rights to ownership transfer
750K RUB
The bigger budget would result in more functional and technologically advanced project.

This price would result
into to the following project characteristics:

  • Up to 2 square meters
  • Metal/plywood/pvc
  • Lights available
  • Sound available
  • Interactivity is possible
  • Simple electronics
  • Static Construction
  • Branding
  • Logistics within Moscow
  • No rights to ownership transfer
  • Non-bearing structure
  • Average durability
950K RUB
Our favourite lot. The fun definately starts here!
Public-art, media art, interiors, action games for a group of 20+ people.


  • 3-5 square meters
  • Metal/plastic/wood/concrete/ceramics/ 3d-print
  • Sound
  • Lights
  • Programmable
  • VR available
  • Kinetics available
  • Bearing construction
  • High durability
  • Ownership right transfer possible*
  • Branding.
  • Pitching to client's brief
2000K RUB
At this point the scale starts to increase significantly


  • Up to 20 square meters
  • Metal/plastic/wood/concrete
  • stone/composites/fiberglass/glass cement
  • Lights.
  • Sound
  • Programmable.
  • Complex electronics
  • Remote access
  • VR available
  • Kinetics available
  • Bearing construction available
  • High durability
  • Ownership right transfer possible*
  • Branding.
  • Pitching to client's brief
  • Free maintenance for 2 months
5-300M + RUB
Monumental, technologically experimental projects, interactive pavilions, small architectural forms, children's playgrounds


  • Up to 50 square meters
  • Metal/plastic/wood/concrete/stone/
  • Composites/fiberglass/glass cement
  • Lights.
  • Sound
  • Programmable
  • Complex electronics
  • Remote access
  • VR available
  • Kinetics available
  • Pneumatics/hydraulics possible
  • Bearing construction available
  • High durability
  • Ownership right transfer possible*
  • Branding.
  • Pitching to client's brief
  • free maintenance for 6 months
The Laws Organism's Nature
  • All our projects are psychological training apparatuses in disguise – this is our artistic mission!

  • All our concepts are constantly evolving. All images on our site are good memories. Even if you are after something specific, we will tailor it with a glimpse of our vision – with our ideas we love to open new horizons and push the boundaries, and we do not like to repeat.

  • The estimate for every project includes the royalty in the amount of 20 to 35 % (depending on the budget) from the general cost of the project, managers', engineers', industrial designers', architects' and other specialists' fees, as well as 9 % tax.

  • We prefer to commence our work after signature of an agreement and work on a prepayment basis in the amount of 25 to 50 % of the full payment depending on the situation.

  • Ownership transfer is never included in the cost of the project and discussed separately. The transfer of exclusive rights is project dependent. Usually the cost of transfer +100 % of the budget.

  • Urgent projects (less than a month for production) are priced as +50 % to the cost of the project.

  • If you do not need superior quality, ideal seams, hidden wires etc. please inform us in advance, it can save time and money.

  • We prefer to produce projects using our resources but when it is necessary we address third-party production services and curate their work.

  • The Organism does not support corruption and does not like to be asked for a kickback. When this happens we get very upset, although we love to present gifts driven by our inner passion.

  • We avoid projects with alcohol and tobacco companies, milk and meat brands, political and military organisations.

  • We are not interested in barter, work for advertising, "an opportunity to exhibit our works", non-commercial projects and "mates rates". We are sure that only well-paid labour develops the market and its participants.

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or call: +7 906 035 90 65 / +7 916 331 83 77
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