Tickling the foundations of the world since 2008
Who we are?
Varenye organism is a union of artists-molecules. It is a futuristic fun-uppercut, object activism, abstract experience, provocation, irony and absurd. You can touch it with your hands, wear it and sometimes even sit inside it or eat it.
What do we create?
Transformation of ordinary space into an extrasensory one, turning cities into playgrounds, creating giant mecchanos, psychoactive aggregates and armour-transformers – this is what we create.
Our mission is to generate new synapses with the help of technological games and unusual behavior.

With our projects we aime at inner children, awake or sleeping in the armour of an average grown-up dinosaur. Our thingies are training apparatuses awaking the youthfulness of consciousness and the need in play. We believe that children should rule the universe.
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