We invent, produce, exhibit, rent or sell game installations. And one of us has very long hair, and the other is a dreamer.
Varenye Organism Operation Manual
Use a menu to navigate our site. It is on top of the page. If you are viewing the site from a mobile, the menu looks like a square of stripes. But if this if you still feel confused, you can get familiar with the the blocks below this text.
Where our past projects are?
To explore the projects we accomplished please go to the "PAST" section in the top menu of the site or straight from here. To view them all - just keep scrolling down the page until scrolling is not available. In case you did not find the project you were looking for, most likely we don't like it anymore and decided to unpublish it.
How to order stuff from us?
To order something from us, we recommend clicking on |$|€|₽|¥|?|button and explore our price list. After you found a suitable option please mail us to molecule@varenye.com and try to describe the task in detail. We usually answer within an hour. In case you clock is ticking and quick answer is your priority - please call +79060359065 or +79163318377.
How to rent our stuff?
This is super easy. Click on the "RENTAL" button (like all other buttons, it is always waiting for you at the top of the page) and choose what you like. Then mail us or call +79060359065 or +79163318377.
Where you can find us?
If you decided to discuss your project with us personally, we can meet at our workshop located at "Kristal" plant at 4/9, Samokatnaya st, but please call beforehnad: +79060359065
Mail to: molecule@varenye.com
or call: +7 906 035 90 65 / +7 916 331 83 77
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