Step by step from locustanity to human-generatorativity . With backyard totalitarian roles through instincts, traditions and habits. Through the peel of nonsense in the flesh of the fruit. From the cast-iron wielders - tall bore in the spring of the ignorant - why? From sleep to neuro fighting without rules. Art is an expander. Squeeze - squeeze - squeeze - squeeze.
Adventure Landscapes
We run a gameboy without batteries and give ourselves a chance to return the forgotten "what if?" from the reservation of the wild youth.

This necessity is dictated by reality itself - just open a news feed and it becomes clear - we are still kids, and kids belong to playgrounds. Adventure Landscapes - is when you climbed into a hole in a hill, and got out of a telephone booth around the corner. Us in Varenje Organism like to get out of the telephone booth around the corner.
Recently, we built a new light and music object - Tiki-Piki Hedgehog for the Porsche Impulse Night project, which will be held in Russian cities together with the guys from FGA in the design office of our new friends from CB DECOR.
The hedgehog (and not only him, there is a whole gallery of objects from various of artists) will go to play in Chelyabinsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, St. Petersburg and Rostov.

The way it works is simple: A touchscreen is installed in the cube. It has 12 "buttons", when you click on any Hedgehog responds with a glitch sound and rainbow colour waves. The cube reflects the mirror surface itself.
We are capable to control the whole system from home while the object is traveling. The sculpture is quickly disassembled and assembled and ready for numerous expositions.
Tiki-Piki Hedgehog
Interactive sculpture prototype
Gas canister eye
We live in the era of post-posters, street art augmented reality , animated tattoos and digital make-up, but we continue to translate trees into stickers, soil walls with glue and paint and play cat mouse games with council employees. We color the pixels one by one and send them off to the printer, display strange characters that do not have a translation, and perform partisan bulling with photoshop brush. Under this white text on a blue background is our painting in the figurative sense of the word and only a god can judge us.
The most frequent request that we receive from brands, agencies and city managers is: "we need some weird cool thing." This is our perfect brief and if you decided to try our pops, just say so. In all other cases, please run to the
|$|€|₽|¥|?| section and write us afterwards if you are not afraid.
Gather all of your stuff into a fist of one space and loudly declare some sort of nonsense - this is us. We arrange our holidays ourselves. In this section, we have collected the latest surviving photos and videos of past personal and not only personal exhibitions.
Almost all of the above toys are exhibited in our gallery MOLECULE at the Krystall plant and you, two-legged, can run up here for a cup of experience.
Our gallery "Molecule" is open for visits again! Write us if you want to visit us) The place works in the format of a kids / non-kids game room. You leave your inner / non-inner child / non-child and ku-ku in it! "Molecule" gallery has 6 exhibits and several games.
"MOLECULE" space
+7 906 035 90 65
"Krysrall" plant , Samokatnaya st. 4, building. 4, Moscow, Russia
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