Almost hallucination, but no, it actually happens. Group game "OTHER. PSYCHO - GLASSES" is a quest-relay, during which people divided into two teams must collect as many magnetic artifacts from each others backs as they can and bring them to their base. Easy peasy?.. not so fast! Players see almost nothing and do not understand what is going on. And all that because they are seeing through the "psycho-glasses".
Other.Alternative. Perceptible.
To change the path of development, humanity needs a choice. Taste it, feel it with own flesh, see it with your own eyes and only then take it. OTHER - one of our activities. We create alternative rules of the game, new worlds, other dimensions, develop and implement game scenarios and spaces for gaining other experience. This is for people who are bored with usual and want radical changes. And you wont believe it those people is the majority.
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