Aggression is a spiky energy that accumulates in our tissues. In case of danger, the body sends it to accumulate defense reaction. Aggression - is like a spring, which is compressed to release all the accumulated energy in one moment - bam and bang!

Living in society, we suppress our animal instincts and inappropriate feelings. But sooner or later they break free, or slowly traumatize us from inside, and that is why we become neurotic and just unpleasant personalities. By the law of energy transformation, aggression cannot simply disappear - it must be transformed into another kind of energy. Initially, it was thought that aggression could be let out through destructive, but safe practices — say, thrashing a pillow. But recent studies have shown that such actions only intensifies the experience of aggression and negative emotions associated with it.

We came up with a different approach - not just to releasing repressed aggression, but also to transforming it into music, rhythm and dance - ancient human trickies, by their nature, they have the ability to unite people and comb out any spikes, bugs, withered convictions and other redundant things.
The concept has evolved. The idea of transforming aggression into music was born here a long time ago and underwent many changes (The original idea appeared in 2013, and it was a huge architectural object hung with puchbag-keys). We made its first prototype on SriLanka and displayed it at the local beach. After half a year, the project was reproduced in Berlin in the week of Russian modern art in the courtyards of Panke in a more perfect, multi-voiced form. We hung it in our gallery at ArtPlay and showed it at Outline fest in the 15th year. The idea of the simulator developed along with the form. Over time, we went from a series of punchbags and a multiplayer mode to a single bag with a single sensor and participant to achieve intimate psychedelic practice. We want a long way from the infantile thought of transforming aggression into music, to the reconscious concept of redirection of aggression built on the research of the zoopsychologist Konrad Lorenz. From prerecorded sound sets, to the interactive ability to record our sounds and use the sounds recorded by someone who had a session before you. The latest version of the simulator is a full-fledged ring with soft mats, a remote control with two buttons (recording and random) and a built-in microphone. The name "Dance Here" is not accidental, it comes from the wasteland of famous prison for political prisoners which was destroyed during the revolution . The aggression accumulated over the years was released and it was replaced by the ancient rituals which unite people.
We have repeatedly encountered the fact that installations in the Russian urban environment do not last long. When we built the Tiki-Piki-Forest light and music landscape installation in Moscow's central park, some "gorillas" vandalised it in "WC manner", others tried to deconstruct, test for durability, or use it as a beer opener.
At first, we were upset and reproached our native mentality, but then we realised that we should simply use this superpower of an average Russian person for his own benefit. And the concept of street toys, which are doomed to get broken was born. Breaking a thing in a literal sense so this action gives birth to some kind of new content turned out to be technologically challenging for us and we simplified it to wording "installation MUST be hit." A transformation of the desire to punch an art object into the process of completing this work of art is a cunning egg, which even the most ignorant destroyers of the world should fear. If you want to kill this object - be kind not to touch it, but if you decided to touch it - that's it, you have become a part of it, from that moment you are a part of art, and not a vandal. What kind of vandal would voluntarily put on the robe of an artist, nasty to the depths of his soul? Anyways, we invented perfect self-defense. In my opinion this is an evolutionary breakthrough. Even protective poisons in thorns of harmless-looking fish and the transformation of ants into mushroom zombie slaves is not as effective as the new weapons of Varenye Organism.
"Dance here" - the inscription made on a tablet and stuck on the ruines of the Bastille - the famous French prison for political prisoners, which was swept away by that very aggression accumulated in society back in the day. And those ruins transformed into the dance floor later on.
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