What will happen if you let the control control over your feet to someone else? We decided to find out. Too much free time you know. In the beta version of the project, we produced two platforms and developed a special software for smartphones which controls the movement of the platforms. Full throttle. Oops ... I think we just hit a fellow molecule against a wall.
There are people among us who get fever from traditional holidays as from most obscene pops and those who, strangely enough, value them, even despite the fact that there is no sacred meaning in them for a long time, the history of origin has been rewritten many times, the image has been reintroduced and shaded and nothing trash left. Although there is a third camp - those who rethink these holidays and put new meanings into the old tired soil. In this micro project we tried to fly over all three states and tickle them, and then fatally see them.

Technically, we hacked the brain of hoverboard and put pine trees on top. You can controll them with the app on the smartphone. Also worth mentioning that you can put just about anything onto these platforms: you can have a trash can and run after it with a broom, or you can make a whiskey bar ride around the city)
Получится радиоуправляемое дерево.
А если вместо человека на платформу поставить дерево...
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