Sculpture - participative: to deconstruct and rebuild is one of the favorite methods of VARENYE ORGANISM. These details - the beta version of the new constructor, which we produced for Sokolniki Park on "Maslenitsa". From these details the sculpture totem of winter was assembled, assembled and burned. All the details were destroyed and we never saw them again. Now we want to make an alpha version made of metal, the one that cannot be neither broken, nor destroyed, a game that will outlive our great-grandchildren. In the meantime, you can admire the pictures and films about this cardboard cyber pagan Tetris-monster)

"Maslenitsa" is "Russian Berningman". But the people here are more traditional. When this cyber-pagan pixel idol was on fire in the central square of Sokolniki Park, people did not rejoice, but grumbled: "Where is our favorite Maslena? Bring our Maslena back!" But while we were assembling this thing in the center of the fountain, the kids played with its parts a lot, and some of them did not want to give us necessary details so we could finish it.
But we insisted.
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