Novelty from the world of festival toys the size of 2 floors mansion. Our fresh setup of 30 light tubes and 64 pads linked with Ableton's algorithms. Each key - is a loop of sound and a loop of light. Just one push of a button and everything sounds and blinks differently. Click and it changes again . This game is endless, and its a pity festivals do not last longer than a few days. Stay tuned, full video on the way.
Tyki-Piki had many incarnations. And every time we assemble it in a new way. It was exhibited in our gallery Molecule at Artplay (now it is at Kristal plant), at Vinzavod, in various forests and parks, in museums, in coffee shops and in dungeons. We tried to connect the lamps to the game joysticks, to pedals and the steering wheel, to make them sound and wink reacting on trash thrown into the gallery window, playing on the lunchpad and simply on touching or vibrating the air. And this is just the beginning of the experiment.
The history of this project goes far back to 2013. We conceived it as a sensory musical instrument. Moreover, we even received a grant from the Ministry of Culture to implement it in Lianozovsky Park in Moscow.
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or call: +7 906 035 90 65
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