Interior attraction controlled with the steering wheel and pedals.

We want cities to become a multimedia creative platform, and residents - co-creators to artist-architects who create such cities. This gaming space is an example of what an ordinary subway can be. As its authors, we laid out a series of interactive algorithms. You, as its visitors, can learn these principles and play with space, becoming an active part of the script. To control the space, we created a "brain" and a joystick - steering wheel and pedals. Rotating a wheel and clamping numerous keys on it, you launch various light and sound waves, overflows and flashes in space.
The gaming space is a gaming installation of 30 lamps and 4 audio speakers that could be "steered" literally with the help of the steering wheel and pedals. The artwork was carried out in the dungeons of Vinzavod art cluster in the context of the "Smit Dpace" exhibition from the ill-fated St. Petersburg gang Exponenta. The system worked for three months without interruptions, was controlled by us remotely even from Thailand, several clips were shot against its background, and the instagram responce turned out to be massive.
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