Electroencephalogram of culture in 7000 points resolution. Fragmentation of the information field, candy wrapper inside a candy wrapper, distortions, radical digitization, religion of jokes, anarchy of totalitarianism, psilocybin mirages, primitive standards, re-interpreted symbolism, poems of the deranged neighbor, findings from a garbage can, doodle god, truth of ignorance,
death cap, depth of detail, manifestation of quantum licentiousness, infantilism, coconut milk ice cream, mysterious YouTube phenomenons, interest-free credits, the universe inside the booth, pixel mycelium, micro-seeweed, bounty, bikini, sandwich, throw doodoo. This is a complete collection of encyclopedic patterns of the Varenye Organism.
Naive cybernetics, abstract ornamentation, glitch and Asian excite-random. This makes up our visual code.
We develop our own imaganguage.
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