Just because anything can be not just what it is, but something else. B"abylon Error" is a glowing plastic wall that changes colour depending on the actions of the guests. White tile. Animated instructions on how to use the system at the entrance of the store. A custom-made vinyl white bench from "Six Inches". Integrated smart electronics (access control to the store via the Internet, video surveillance, remote audio communication with the store). Trading equipment built into the spaces where windows used to be. A specially designed electronic sales system that controls access to the product situated in multiple cabins. Specially designed game, managed with the help of custom steam powered joysticks. The project was implemented jointly with Lisa Strakhovoaya and Oleg Tikounov.
Playfulness is a property of everything we produce.
Imagine a city, where every wall, every brick, every surface of which tickles your brain with interesting questions, fiddles with quizzes, invigorates and maxes out like a personal coach. Any space can have additional meaning and function. Each room can be extrasensory. We design and build interiors with which you can play with, large outdoor toys and even clothing for self-gamers.
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