Technological squiggle
Android robot 1.8 m tall
Security guard / HR robot
This robot is designed to interview his opponents. Its special software allows him to determine the veracity of the answers and the psychological profile of the respondent.
Schoolbot is an android robot 1.6 meters tall
Teacher robot

The model is a modular and allows addition of the new functionality. Its programming can be operated both by client and (if desired) by the manufacturer.

You can add any functionality to the robot if necessary:

- play with children;
- protection of the house and children;
- the robot at the reception;
- a robot for advertising in a shop, shopping center, for exhibitions;
- robot guard to the office;
Android robot TV Bot 1.75 meters tall
Robot - host
The robot was designed for "Pervi Kanal" to perform of TV host operation. TV Bot can work as a TV presenter, presenter, teacher, tour guide, entertainer, DJ and so on.
Provisions of lease
We rent our stuff according to lease contract. Minimum lease term is 24 hours. If you would require to lease for longer period it is possible but will be discussed individually. Just email us at or call +7906 035 90 65.
Is it possible to alter the object a bit? Brand it?
Yes, we do not mind branding. Although only if we are talking about easy removable stickers in a particular place. On the other hand if you want to repaint the object completely into your corporate colours - it is as well possible, but would cost you extra money. How much? We are happy to discuss this. Just email us at or call +7906 035 90 65.
What is included in the price?
  • The delivery of an object to the set is included in the price ( Moscow, when the lease price is no less than 100K RUB). The delivery to other parts of the world is a subject to exclusive negotiation.
  • Setup and dismantlement (in case all points stated in the contract are adhered and the setup is taking place not during the night time or in a winter street. Night and winter street shifts are the subjects to extra fees.
  • Guiding support at the event if required (show how an object works, help, introduce the object from stage
Are there any discounts in case of multiple items rental?
  • 3 objects = 20% discount
  • 5 objects = 35% discount
Do you lease you brains?
We are happy to help you with your goals, consult, brainstorm and offer our ideas to you or upgrade your ideas & more.
Our brain time rates go as follows:

  • 15K RUB / Hour
  • 100K RUB / Day
In such cases we work on full prepayment basis. In case you are not satisfied with the results we will refund you half of fees prepayed to us.
If you want to feel the constructor parts, watch flashing lights or try the rmour on? Please come!
+7 906 035 90 65
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Mail to:
or call : +7 906 035 90 65 / +7 916 331 83 77
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