A set of very simple games that are very difficult and hysterically hilarious to play if you are in Psychoglasses.
Psychoglasses change everything
Once you look at the world through Psycho-glasses, you will immediately understand where the Dingo dog is buried.
How it works
We use proprietary lenses
Through these glasses, the world does not fall into a kaleidoscope. But your hands and feet have moved to new location , not another continent but a bit different from where you are used to feel and observe them.
People will shoot through glasses lens
Users will shoot ridiculous videos about each other and try to shoot directly through the lens of Psycho-glasses, which by the way looks also quite impressive.
Easily brandable
We can print your slogans or titles on the elastic band.
Photos with Psychoglasses
We recommend that you organize the shooting of individual short instagram clips for guests of your event. 5-10 seconds for each player / participant.
Play Tig or Hide and Seek in distorted space

Tech Specs
Technical specifications which you should probably take onto account
Colour tuning
Possible to change elastic band colors.
Video shooting
Static camera with slow motion mode is the best choice.
We can deliver to any location, just let us know beforehand.
Elementary and intuitive.
The object does not need power. But it may be necessary to light up the space .
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or call : +7 906 035 90 65 / +7 916 331 83 77
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