Huge noses-mushrooms, you can hide your stuff inside and surprise your guests when they do not expect.
We designed these noses for kids zone at Arkhstoyanie festival.
Back then children climbed up to them to find candies.
But for you, we can tailor any type of "booger" just for you and your guests will look for them inside giant nostrils.
How it works
Noses are suspended on trees or posts
They can contain your merchandise / souvenirs / riddles of the quest / anything and guests will find them there.
Explorers will shoot both gifs and photos
These noses look pretty cool in the photos,
not to mention the hand tucked into the nostril.
Easily branded
This is simple.
Fill the nostrils with your micro branding elements and wait.
Photos with Noses
Get into a giant nose and find a secret there
Tech Specs
Technical specifications which you should probably take onto account
Colour tuning
Not available.
Video shooting
One static camera outside and another inside the nose is the best soluton.
We can deliver to any location, just let us know beforehand.
Elementary and intuitive.
Not required.
Mail to:
or call : +7 906 035 90 65 / +7 916 331 83 77
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