Touchpad and camera for recording short video clips, occuping the whole wall.
Wildly unifying thing
All participants of the event perform group crumples collecting multi-animation, which can be saved or re-shot a thousand more times.
How it works
Tablet with a camera and a record button
Just record yourself and your video will appear among others on the screen.
They will shoot and reshoot
User generated content is overflowing!
Branding is easy
To have your brand in the videos, we can develop a special background for shooting and/or create a watermark it in post-production.
Tech Specs
Technical specifications which you should probably take onto account
Colour tuning
The colours of the object are variable and we can customise them for screen frames or just wrap it just about in anything.
Video shooting
The object performs the shooting itself, but an additional photographer will not hurt.
We can deliver to any location, just let us know beforehand.
Elementary and intuitive.
220V AC socket is required for operation.
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or call : +7 906 035 90 65 / +7 916 331 83 77
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