Huge toy for team pampering
Yes, this is a most popular object at all festivals and parties.
Everyone takes part in construction: teenagers , seniors, adults as well as toddlers.
How it works
Joint to the joint
Details of the constructor are joined very simply: a groove into a groove.
Time-lapse is the best choice
You can assemble a massive structure in just few minutes. To see this process later in a time-lapse is always great fun.
Customized brand parts
To express your brand identity, we can produce details of individual shapes and colours that will work in the overall context of the constructor to stand out on the photo and video materials.
Constructor photos
We recommend that you organize the shooting of individual short timelapse clips for the guests of your event. 5-10 seconds for each player / participant.
Build an abstract sculpture with friends
Tech Specs
Technical specifications which you should probably take onto account
Colour tuning
We can paint the parts in any colour.
Video shooting
For shooting great static camera with time-lapse mode and a wide-angle lens.
We can deliver to any location, just let us know beforehand.
Elementary and intuitive.
Not necessary. Although additional lighting never hurts if it does not happen during the day and not on the street.
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or call : +7 906 035 90 65 / +7 916 331 83 77
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