Huge light object
Ball - moon.
Ball - sun.
Ball - head.
Ball - ball.
Just a giant BALL.
Originally this ball was part of the installation that we produced for the Signal festival in Nikola Lenivets.
Now it is available for your events.
How it works
How it works?
Inflate, hang, connect, ready!
People will shoot both vids and photos
The audience will shoot their silhouettes against the ball and the ball itself.

Branding is easy for the Ball
We can decorate the ball with logos, pictures, words.
Ball photos
Tech Specs
Technical specifications which you should probably take onto account
Colour tuning
The colours of the object are variable and we can adjust it to your needs.
Video shooting
Для съемки отлично подходит широкоформатный объектив.
We can deliver to any location, just let us know beforehand.
Elementary and intuitive.
220V AC socket is required for operation.
Mail to :
or call : +7 906 035 90 65 / +7 916 331 83 77
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